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4 Packing Tips To Make Your Nightmare A Dream

I went on vacation to the beautiful state of Colorado and had the best time, but for the 3 days before my departure, I was running around like a crazy person. Not only was I tying up loose ends with work, I was getting myself, the hubby, and the #bfafrogger organized and ready to go. We went on this trip for two reasons. The first was to participate in a huge family event and the second was to go on our winter vacation. So as you can imagine, this made packing super easy... NOT! (You don't get a lot of "NOT" these days. A little salute to Wayne and Garth). ANYHOO, my stress level was maxing out and I thought, there has to be a better way. So I sat down and came up with these 4 ideas and I fully plan to ALWAYS pack this way from now on.
  1. Don't be afraid to pack the cute stuff! I'm always so nervous to pack my daughter's cute clothes when we go away, because I know there are going to be spills and stains and putting them in the wash right away isn't plausible. However, I let go of this notion and it's just so freeing! I know my little one looks super adorbs and I got a ton of "instagram worthy" shots.
  2. Bring reusable items. And by reusable, I mean an item that can be worn with multiple outfits. Whether it's a jacket, pair of pants, or shoes, by reusing an item, you're saving time and suitcase space. I brought the best little poncho for my daughter. She was able to not only wear it to services, but while we shopped and walked around downtown. Can you say, "two-for-one"?
  3. Pack light and buy clothes when you're on vacay! This is probably my favorite suggestion of all! If you're anything like me, you know you're going shopping and you know you're buying a ton of stuff, so why bother packing your little's entire closet? Pack the basics and leave the rest to your destination. The best part about traveling is experiencing different styles!
  4. Do laundry while away. I know this isn't always an option, but the timeshare I stayed at had a laundry on site and it just made things so much easier. I didn't need to pack as much and the best part, I don't have mountains of laundry in my bedroom right now!!
So those are my tips. I hope they're helpful and save you tons of stress! Want to do a little shopping before your vacation starts? Head to the website! 


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