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5 Ways To Curate An Outfit

We've all been there. It's early in the morning, you're already running late, and your little is too busy doing everything else besides getting ready. You pull a top and a bottom out of the closet and a) throw it on your mini, not caring if it matches or b) spend countless minutes pulling out different pieces that just don't seem to go together. But do not worry, my faithful #bfafroggers! Here are 5 steps to make your life much easier:
  1. Lay all your mini-me's clothes out. I know, I know. You're thinking, who has time to do this?! But pick a day to get this step done and I promise you, in the time it will take you to do this little step, it will save you so much more time in the long run. By pulling everything from the closet and the dresser, you are now able to see everything that their wardrobe has to offer. You can start pulling pieces together to create an outfit. If something doesn't look right, switch out one of the pieces. And since you can see everything, you'll have more inspiration to put a rockin' outfit together.
  2. Don't be afraid to mix styles. You've got a top that's edgy and a bottom that's whimsical. Before you think that these items won't look well together, lay them next to each other and test them out. There's so many times that we don't put pieces together because they don't have the same look or feel, but a lot of times, the differences actually match. A great example is in the picture designated to this post. I've paired a minimalistic long sleeve tee with a hippie-esque (is that a word?) maxi skirt.
  3. Have your little help. I hear the groans and the gasps already, but it won't be as bad as you think. Sometimes, when my #bfafrogger helps out, she often makes choices that I wouldn't. This isn't necessarily a bad thing! Although I don't always like the look she's pulled together, a lot of times, she actually puts together something really cute. The secret to this is to only let her choose one piece. Let's say I'll choose her outfit and she'll pick out the shoes. Or I'll pick the top and the shoes and she goes for the bottoms. And voila, you've got a super cute outfit that you and your little are both proud of.
  4. Add something unexpected. Adding a tie, funky socks, or a snapback to a casual design adds a little pizzazz and draws some attention to an otherwise dull outfit.
  5. Take photos when you find an outfit you like. I know you're thinking, "Who am I? A Kardashian?". But believe me, there is a method to their madness. You've just spent all this time putting these looks together and it would be a shame to forget what you came up with or not remember what your statement piece was.
So that's it! The whole kit and caboodle! Do this once a season and you'll have outfits planned for months to come. Know a fellow mommy or daddy warrior that needs help? Don't be afraid to forward this blog along.


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