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How To Tie A Bow

For most of my life, when I would buy a piece of clothing that had a tied bow on it, my anxiety would begin to bubble. The bow was always tied perfectly and looked so pretty and I knew that if I ever untied it, I would never get it to look that perfect again. I would go to such lengths as washing the garment with the bow still tied, hoping it didn't stretch out.

Then I graduated from college (GO NOLES!) and entered the event planning industry. Being in a creative and decor based industry for 6 years didn't leave me without some pretty useful tips. Over the next 3 posts, I will teach you how to tie a bow, tie a knot, and tie a rosette and make them look perfect.

Step 1: Start off the same way you always do, crossing the two pieces over and under and pulling tight.

Step 2: Make a loop with the left piece and wrap the right piece around, however instead of wrapping in the front of the loop, wrap in the back. This is going to feel really weird and that's when you know you're doing it right. By wrapping to the back of the loop, you're placing the fabric evenly over the knot, hiding the two entwined pieces. This also keeps the bow from tilting to the side, which you know always happens!

Step 3: Push the right piece through like you normally would. Pull the 2 loops to tighten the bow, however don't make the loops too big. With all the excess fabric, the loops will be flimsy and limp. Once you've got your bow tight, you can go ahead and primp the loops to your liking.

And there you go, a perfect bow!

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