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Kid Voted. Parent Approved.

I know it's sometimes super hard to decipher what your kids are interested in. You buy them something and they're so not into it. But, I finally have the answer! I asked your kids to pick their favorite styles from the BFA website and lucky for you, you now have a little cheat sheet to help you with your next shopping trip. Here are the top 10 answers:

Gimme S'more- This is a new tee I JUST got in from Whistle and Flute and it is quickly becoming a best seller! You can't think of summer without thinking of s'mores and this smiling little guy puts you right in the mood to pull out some crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

Sorry We're Chillin'- Miami vibes all the way for this one. Can you think of anything else that screams, "beach-time fun", like a neon sunglass-wearing flamingo standing under a palm tree?

Summer Palms Bathing Suit- It's bright and colorful and you know the boy that's wearing this is having the best summer ever. I love the multi-colored leaves.

Dino Surfer- For years I've been asked to get something dinosaur related, but I just couldn't find a design that wasn't super cheesy. But guess what folks, I finally found one! I know this is going to be a favorite of your little BFA Froggers.

John Lennon Imagine Tank- I honestly can't think of a piece in my collection that is more meaningful right now. These times are trying and some people are still struggling to understand John Lennon's message.

Unicorn Dream- Chaser Kids, unicorns, and pink. Can you think of a better combo? This sweater is SUPER DUPER (super wasn't enough, I had to add the duper) comfortable. The unicorn design with a floral headpiece makes it a favorite.

Pew Pew- Who has a video game lover? They are going to love this! I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can actually hear this t-shirt! lol And to be honest, it kind of reminds me of Star Wars...

Surfboard Tower- Unfortunately, Mini Shatsu has stopped production, which has me super bummed because it was one of my (and your) favorite brands. Check it out before they're all sold out!

Mess Maker- This is for any girl that's found of messes (ahem... aka all of them). My daughter has this in her closet and always puts it on when it's fresh out of the dryer.

Flippin' Magical- Summer is here and that sun will be boiling. Keep your littles shaded and sunburn free with this favorite snapback.

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