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Top 5 Brands I'm Drooling Over

If you've been a faithful #BFAFrogger for a while now, you know that BFA was born to be a one-stop-shop for cool kids fashion and the perk of having one small flat shipping fee (even though I'm providing FREE SHIPPING right now). On my site, I carry 31 (that's right, 31!) amazing brands for you to choose from. I wanted to let you know my top 5 favorite brands that I carry and why I think they're so awesome.
  1. Mini Shatsu- I mean, how lit (this is the first time I've actually used that word. Should I have gone with dope instead?) is this guy's designs? There is nothing similar out there and he is changing the way kids do fashion. My FAVORITE piece of his is the "Mess Maker Fringe Dress". I drool over it everyday. AND he doesn't oversaturate himself. He only makes a few hundred shirts for each design meaning I'm super lucky to carry him and you're super lucky to own his stuff.
  2. Rowdy Sprout- This company just screams nostalgia and who doesn't like to think of the good ol' days. She produces everything from Beastie Boys, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beatles, Queen, and Tupac. It's great music and a great reminder of simpler times. And an added plus is that 75% of her inventory is made completely in the U.S.
  3. Tiny Whales- This husband and wife collab take inspiration from their favorite things in life (especially their childhood) and make rad fashion out of it. These clothes are for a really cool kid in your life. They're also one of my favorite brands for boy clothes. Girls get all the attention, but Tiny Whales makes sure the boys have something cool to wear too.
  4. Chaser- YOU KNOW I couldn't write this list and not include Chaser! Overall, chaser is my best selling brand and it's not hard to see why. Their designs are always on point, their fabrics are super soft, and you don't have a heart attack when you look at the price tag. It's a classic brand that moms and kids like to love.
  5. Whistle and Flute- I LOVE me a good Whistle and Flute tee. Their designs are minimalistic and UNISEX, which is great for hand-me-downs. You don't have to worry about whether you have boys or girls. Everyone can wear these t-shirts! 

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