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Who Do You Follow?

Let's face it, if you're on social media, you're most likely following a bunch of bloggers. You see their posts and stories and become invested in them and their lives. You feel like you know them and their families intimately. And if these bloggers are being real, they let you into, not only their successes, but their trials and tribulations. And that's the great thing about social media. You can see that other people are going through the same things you are.


Now don't get me wrong. There's definitely influencers who make life look perfect, but those aren't the ones you want to be following (I don't want to, anyways). I want to follow people that are honest and appreciative of their supporters. Here are a few of my favorites that you just may love too!

  • The Overwhelmed Mommy- Jenn started her blog as The Overwhelmed Bride and transitioned into Mommy once her daughter, Ava, came along. She's also got baby Franky now and her newsfeed and stories are totes adorbs. She's a huge advocate for small businesses, which makes me love her even more (duh!). On her blog, she's got a large range of topics from mommy-and-me fashion to sleep and crib safety.
  • Whine and Cheez(its)- Rachel is hilarious and keeps it on the real real. She's not afraid to pop on with a greasy hair bun and tell you what's up. She's open about the difficulties of being a parent and does it in such a sarcastic and witty way, that you're chuckling and nodding along with her. She's also not afraid to get into some more serious topics, which is something I feel we need. Go for the cursing, stay for the conversation.
  • Frosting and Fettuccine- So I heard about Sam through a mutual friend of ours and I'm so happy I did. She mostly focuses on cooking and food photography (I'll be making her red velvet cheesecake cupcakes for Valentine's Day), but we get little glimpses into her home life. My absolute favorite is watching her fight with Amazon's Alexa. They fight like, everyday. Follow her for a bit and you'll be having dance parties in your kitchen and an unhealthy obsession with Adam Levine.
  • Everything Erica- I have been following Erica for a VERY long time. Her posts focus on food and she walks you through her recipes on stories, but she also talks a lot about her family and her health issues. She's honest and open and you can tell she genuinely wants to make an impact on her followers' lives. Her daughter, Elia, is THE CUTEST and her husband, Dan, cracks me up. And like I said, she's ALL about her followers and constantly does meet-ups and giveaways. She even met me out for frozen yogurt one night while she was on vacation here in Florida. Serious love for this girl.
  • Jenna Kutcher- HELLO! How can I have a favorite blogger post without mentioning Jenna Kutcher?! So I originally found Jenna when I signed up for a couple of her business courses, but once I started following her, I found that she's not just about building up businesses, she's about building up people. She's about embracing yourself, loving life, and endorsing growth. She is open about her thoughts and ideas and pushes you to get past the negativity and have success in all you do. Another one who truly cares.
Do you have any bloggers or influencers that you love?!? Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know!


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